By Dr. Howard Glicksman
"Survival of the Fakest"
By Johnathan Wells

The purpose of this web site is to provide current scientific and philosophical information to those who believe that a higher power was involved in the creation of the universe, this earth and it's inhabitants, yet who have been taught that Darwinian Evolution is the only "acceptable" scientific answer for human existence.

Did you know...

  1. ...that Darwinian Evolution is based on an atheistic, materialistic philosophy that does not allow for any involvement of a higher power and that the proponents of Darwinian Evolution are doing everything in their power to stop, not only the teaching of other scientific explanations, but even criticism of Darwinian Evolution?
  2. ...that there are many highly qualified scientists in every discipline, including Nobel laureates, microbiologists, astrophysicists, mathematicians, chemists who believe that Darwinian Evolution is not the answer?
  3. ...that there is abundant evidence that Evolution DOES occur on a Micro scale, within species, BUT that there is little factual evidence that Evolution occurs on a Macro scale, meaning between species?
  4. ...that the "Icons of Evolution", those "facts and evidences" that have been taught in virtually all biology textbooks from Junior High through advanced courses have for the most part been proven false or at least shown to have serious questions about their validity including the Peppered Moth, the Miller-Urey Origin of Live experiments, the similarity in early embryo development, etc.?
  5. ...that there is a scientific method for verifying whether something has been designed?
  6. ...that the statistical probabilities of mutation/natural selection being the mechanism for the creation of all living organisms on this earth is far beyond what statisticians consider impossible?

Questions and ideas such as these
will be explored on this web site.